Trump Administration Aims to Reduce Legal Immigration
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2018-07-10 10:53:14 UTC
*YouTube Spends $25 Million to Fight Fake News*
Your favorite YouTubers may be stepping in to give you a crash course on spotting it.
That was like a fart in the wind wasn't it?

All they really need to do is ban the LEFTISTS and you take care of 90%
of the problem.
That's Karma

2018-07-10 11:44:09 UTC
So you approve censorship.
Censorship is done by a government.
YouTube is *not* the government; it is a private business.
A PRIVATE school that doesn't teach sex education or how evil NAZI's and
the KKK are or even teach black history, because it's NOT censoring the
public? Therefore constitutionally it's allowed, to NOT teach sex
education or Liberal views and not required to hand out insurance that
includes birth control to it's private business employees?

I thought that in a Democrats mind, a business was a public entity that
was subject to the laws and regulations of Public property? Can't
limit access to gays and can't ignore gays, yet you Liberals are now
suggesting that a private business can censor what they allow on their
own private property?

The irony being that the internet is NOT private at all. The very
existence is like the public highways.... it's there because there is a
public that can access it.
That's Karma