Malicious Prosecution Against Amy Cooper Continues
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Intelligent Party
2020-10-15 00:41:33 UTC

Now, the New York Times reports she made a second call, in which she claims she
was a victim of attempted assault. Yet she ACTUALLY WAS: upon her dog. The New
York Times is perhaps an example of "fake news," as it always comes up with some
excuse to make the intellectual anti-party, who might, for instance, take Amy's
side; say "it's okay," you can screw away Government. It's not okay. The
prosecution's a crime, and I've already discussed this in previous messages:


There is now an attempt to make a "plea bargain," against an INNOCENT WOMAN, WHO
WAS A VICTIM OF ATTEMPTED ROBBERY. Amy's done nothing wrong, and we demand
justice for her, and she deserves her job back with full restitution. The people
who believe so much in hurting people, and WHO are participating in her
prosecution - unlike the black man who attempted to rob her pooch (we wouldn't do
anything to him either after the fact), THEY, IF ANYONE, DESERVE TO GO TO JAIL!
Intelligent Party
2020-10-15 00:48:12 UTC