"Turkish President: Europeans Will Not Walk Safely Unless Demands Are Met"
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2017-03-23 16:46:26 UTC
Unless I miss my guess, Turkey is not know for respecting the rights
of minority groups.
"If Europe continues this way, no European in any part of the world can
walk safely on the streets. We, as Turkey, call on Europe to respect
human rights and democracy," Erdogan said.
I wonder if he ever heard, "Practice what you preach"?
It's out of context... And Turkey is in NATO. And Turkey is under
Terrorist attack from the Marxist PKK and has been for a decade. SO
where was NATO when Erdogan was under terrorist attack from Marxists?
And what happened in that Coup D`etat that Erdogan was suggesting was a
NATO backed Coup D`etat? He even blocked off a NATO base during the Coup

Erdogan just went into the Kurd territory and killed Kurds who were
helping kill ISIS, while Erdogan was trying to kill the Marxist PKK.
Did Erdogan concede to the Marxist PKK and do what they want so that
Turkey is safe, NO he instead pushed into Kurds Territory using NATO and
U.S. backing to kill Kurds that are terrorists on the streets of Turkey.
Erdogan is saying one thing but doing something else.

Europe will have to start to kill Terrorists and NOT have this Obama
created "Live and let kill" attitude where terrorists are allowed to
travel and run free with access to the world. Their strongholds and
places friendly to them will have to be held accountable and have travel
restricted and maybe be bombed into the stone age. Obama and his
terrorist pals prove that Marxists are in bed with terrorists.... And
the PKK shows that Marxists are willing to accept terrorism as a part of
daily life and European leaders are willing to accept as Obama was...
terrorism as part of daily life.

We obviously aren't one big happy world family, we aren't going to sing
Koom-bay-ya as Marxists and Liberals in Europe and America are telling
us we will.
That's Karma
2018-04-26 03:58:15 UTC
Dictator Thug Erdogan, Beast of Ankara, Threat to the World, has moved again. He has attacked a Newspaper by jailing staff on terrorism charges.

Say, what have NATO, the EU, or anyone else done to stop this chump?

President Barack Obama was in Office when the Turkish Military tried to remove Erdogan but President Obama refused to back the Turkish Military up.