"Protect Elderly Votes Project Aims to Thwart ‘Ballot Harvesting’ Fraud"
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2020-10-06 15:15:58 UTC
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the push for widespread mail-in voting and
other alternatives to going to the polls ahead of the presidential
election has increased the risk of vote fraud through “ballot
harvesting,” and the elderly are particularly vulnerable, advocates warn.
To protect seniors, especially those with physical impairments, the
American Constitutional Rights Union is stepping up its efforts to
prevent what it calls “Stranger Danger” through its Protect Elderly
Votes project. The American Constitutional Rights Union is a Naples,
Florida-based right-leaning nonprofit dedicated to what it says is
safeguarding the liberties enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of
Not only are those 65 and older more likely to be victims of COVID-19,
they are also increasingly at risk of falling prey to voter fraud this
election year, American Constitutional Rights Union President Lori Roman
    Vote in person whenever possible. That’s the most secure way to
vote. Seniors who are not able to vote in person and have to use an
absentee ballot should ensure that no one touches or tampers with their
ballot, and that no one coerces them or tries to fill it out for them.
    If they’re in a facility, and they fill out their absentee ballot,
they need to fill it out themselves, and they need to mail it themselves
using the mailbox at the facility and not hand it to anyone else. Either
turn in the ballot yourself or give it to a trusted family member to
turn it in.
Seniors should also be wary of handing over their ballots to
    We have, through our hotline, received tips that nonprofit
leftist-leaning organizations all over the country—two in particular—are
trying to harvest ballots from the elderly and assisted living
facilities. They are claiming that they will take the ballots and get
them to the election office for the citizens.
That “ballot harvesting” has increased as the presidential election nears.
The American Constitutional Rights Union recently reported widespread
cases of ballot harvesting in Florida by third-party organizations, such
as the left-leaning League of Women Voters and possibly also the
American Civil Liberties Union, Roman said. The groups may be using the
coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to offer their “assistance.”
Ballot fraud exists, and it is a danger.
Active and retired Police should be volunteering to work at the poles
and to be pole watchers....

The boys in BLUE are being told to NOT catch criminals so they need to
do something with all that extra time.... even if they 're injured then
they have nothing better to do than be a pair of eyes... and watch the
pole workers.

Democrats and their henchmen ANTIFA/#BLM have been against cops and
injuring them and killing them so the cops should be proactive and get
out and poll watch.

Police could offer to help the elderly.... Just the interest might
remind some that would sell their vote that it's illegal.
That's karma


Son of a bitch, NOT a smidgen of corruption...???
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2020-10-06 22:06:37 UTC
Post by BeamMeUpScotty
Active and retired Police should be volunteering to work at
the poles and to be pole watchers....
Yes, we should encourage the police to visit strip clubs.
Oh, you meant they should be POLL watchers. Never mind.