The irony is that the feminist telling women how to be happy is actually making them FAT, MISERABLE and it's KILLING them....
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2020-10-11 17:14:42 UTC
Feminists and Democrats told us that women shouldn't try to look good
for men who like a SUPER MODEL LOOK and that it was unhealthy for women
to try to NOT be FAT....

How's that working out as women and men are gaining weight and don't
look appealing to the other gender they also are going to increase their
health risks and their chances of dying if/when they get this or another
Chinese Virus....

Weight plays a role in who seems to have the most problems health wise
with the Chinese Virus so the Democrats/Feminists were wrong again
looking good for the other gender and trying to attract a mate with your
looks seems to keep people, who aren't suffering compulsive issues like
Anorexia or a need for excessive plastic surgery or sex change where
they seem to do things to extremes, in better physical condition and in
better shape for a virus like the Chinese Communist Party Virus.

The irony is that the feminist telling women how to be happy is actually
making them FAT, MISERABLE and it's KILLING them....

Which is why no one should listen to Democrats and their crazy Feminist
and other whacked-out fringe group ideas. The proof is in the science
that people with weight and other problems that the Democrats promote
like surgery for mental satisfaction of sexual mental illness... is
putting more people at risk.

Better to go back to the future where people try to look and feel their
best by enhancing their appearance by hard work and eating properly...
looking healthy apparently is also part of being healthy and the
Democrats and Feminists were lying yet again.

That's Karma

277 - Mass mail ballots turn your precious voting RIGHT into cheap and
worthless JUNK MAIL.
2020-10-12 14:17:13 UTC
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The irony is that the feminist telling women how to be happy is actually
making them FAT, MISERABLE and it's KILLING them....
The modern world with its artificial prosperity has "freed" women from all
social and physical constraints, hence you are seeing the worst side of
female behavior, encouraged of course by the Democrats and their feminazi
lackeys. The behavior of American women in particular is a temporary
collective madness brought on by an economic system from hell.

This will change once the global Ponzi scheme economic system ends. Once
this happens, and an international Weimar situation begins, women who are
not willing to become literal whores in order to eat will get scared. Watch
how fast their behavior changes. Suddenly the global, prosperous,
credit-based economy will no longer be there and the world will become a
scary, uncertain place. Then you will see them quickly become meek, obedient
and chaste again, seeking out Alpha males for "protection".

Soon they'll "discover" that they are far happier in this state of social
and familial subservience, so long as they are with a man who is strong,
firm AND also kind.

Any right-wing man should then find himself a girl in her late teens/early
twenties no matter his age (30-40+) and start getting her used to a life of
putting her family and husband before herself.

Be aware that plenty of women, even young ones, will not be able to deal
with, or imagine, the end of the system we live in and will commit suicide
or OD. The others will remember the order of nature and quickly kneel at
your feet, that is, provided that you are a real man, not a wimpy mangina
with personal issues leaking all over the place.

Be patient. Things will be turning around soon, Trump or no Trump. We
are just a few years away from the end of this hell.

I took the Red Pill a LONG time ago. So what if I'm a "male chauvinist pig"?
Nobody's perfect...

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