Poll: 31% of Americans think "Civil War II" may happen.
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2018-06-27 21:40:49 UTC
For those wondering "Who even thinks a second Civil War is possible in the U.S.? I mean, who does? Really?" A new poll says it has some results. Personally most people I meet out in the world here in the U.S. are happy and seem to be doing O.K.

As such, the "objective conditions" for a second U.S. Civil War might seem to be lacking. At least, for those like me who mostly seem to run into happy people in their travels lately. However, maybe that is not the case for a significant percentage of the population, at least in psychological terms. It is worth noting that the Antebellum South was considered a prosperous place, and that didn't prevent the people at the top of their social and political order from considering Secession when Abraham Lincoln was elected. (Indeed, in a pure Machiavellian sense, the Southern establishment had many options within the political system of the time to resist change, but the hot blooded secessionists carried the day opinion wise.)

Here are the details of the poll:




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2018-06-28 00:32:01 UTC
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For those wondering "Who even thinks a second Civil War is possible in the U.S.?
81% of Americans believe in angels.


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