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2018-11-05 11:56:15 UTC
1988 what happened outline. I left for college and around the 26th of Sept. I developed a bleeding ulcer that didn't heal itself until the night before surgery when I prayed for a healing so Mom, Judith Rose, would not be sad if I didn't make it. The ulcer healed, as if this prayer was what God was looking for from me.

What caused the ulcer? Part cult activity, and partly science/bio/chemicals. The bio attack. I saw the guy with the stocking mask scat down the halway and slam the door to the stairwell open as he ran through. What did he do? A Frat hazing of finding road kill and putting it into the dormitory kitchen microwaves and turning them on. They did this to the microwave I used. They did this to several microwaves in the dorms at the college.

So, I bled out, needed 13 units of blood 18 days intensive care, in and out of shock several times. Doctors couldn't heal me so I was to get surgery which brought out that prayer of healing for someone else, Mom. This prayer was needed, I heavily suspect, to counter the cult darkside pursual of me. Started with the NFL, drug runners, east coast mafia, cultists, Dahmer and elements of the Catholic Church (Darth Maul), actors of theater/hollywood, Bankers-Roth, Honorary Engineering Fraternities, medical distrust, and then the H.W. Bush diversion. This intensive pursual started at two weeks past my 17th birthday (edge of...). From Dahmer to H.W. was 3.5 months.

Dahmer stood 666 feet (measured by google earth) from the center line of highway 52. He was near his Harley, to ask the me the "Son-of-Sam permission" to Kill Bill for me. Dahmer even tip toed back and forth on the 666ft line for me to see he was afraid of going off his position at 666 feet - or he was sensitive to the demonic presence in and around him. So this makes me conclude that Dahmer was under the control / guided / influenced heavily by highway 52 Palpatine / Cardinal Bernardin and the darksider elements of the Catholic Church.

So, time for the story of myPaul and What He Did. At Iowa State MyPaul was two buildings away from mine when the attacks of the Frats was occuring. His building and most of buildings were being attacked the same way as was mine. I may have been the only one who nearly died in these cult biologic Frat attacks that were banker-Roth watched over.

How did the cult minded attacks get put down? Like most addicts, serial killers, and Frat attackers they wouldn't stop on their own - especially when facing "A level" biblical test where God wills a test for me to go through. They most likely would not have the ability to stop. When you consider Evil is trying to swipe at God's plan for the year 2000. To disrupt it or corrupt God's plan is what I've observed evil trying to do. Unfortunately I am the primary target - not because I am this or that, It is God's decision, and that decision evil is looking to destroy, cover or put out the light.

The decision of God to answer my prayer of not knowing with certainty whether Jesus is God's son. God has answered with accuracy I am still looking at to understand. I believe Gods decision and his plan is to illustrate who Jesus is to me and the world. The principle concept God is pointing to is King Davids story. King Davids story to lead the Ark of the Covenant to the City of David, Bethlehem, points directly to Jesus. King David and King Solomon are both illuminated.

FYI: recently I noticed the distance from where my dog Snowball low growled at evil to protect both of us(around 1980,catcher in the rye attack) to F.L.Wright the architect birthplace is 84.5 miles, one extra mile more than the 83.5 miles(distance from Windswept House 1963 ritual to the town name Savannah - in symmetry to 83.5 miles from Savannah where I shouted into the drug lanes at the CIA in 1989 - four months before the Berlin Wall fell). So: F.L.Wright architect reference is to David and Solomon building the Temple.

Now back to the what I should call the bankers (Roths) keen interest in getting me dead. The attempts ended when H.W. Bush arrived and I was energy drawn and my eyes went dim the same way as when the Archangel Gabriel lifted me and put me in a kneeling position before the cross, and he did so with great power, power beyond power.

So the Frat attackers did attack with biological death via frat boys on foot. So, I think God inspired myPaul to throw down the Frat attackers. And throw them down he did. Threw them down hard, so hard Evil threw contempt of what myPaul did. What myPaul did was not only to save my life - but far more importantly to preserve God's decision to point out who Jesus is via David and Solomon. This is the gift God gave us in the year 2000. This is then followed by evil in 2001 throwing the 9/11 contempt tantrum.

The 9/11 tantrums are distinct, if you know the clues. The happyface anthrax attacks was contempt of what myPaul did. Evil's 9/11 tantrum included the illustration in the movie Pulp Fiction. The knockout rejection of sport fixing in the movie is similar to my rejection of sport fixing in wrestling. My rejection happened in the highway 52/Dahmer/theater town. So then Evil showed contempt with the anthrax Scientist's sport control fantasy-deviancy, the deviancy clues me into Windswept/HWY 52). FYI: the happy face was thrown at me in a dream which made me know that I somehow was directly being tested about 9/11. Also being tested is the musican Paul.

What did myPaul do? When the dorm residents discovered they were attacked and who was responsible they made a plan. I was probably in the hospital around this time so I found out about this later and some of it years later. MyPaul who was familiar with farm chemicals decided to throw down the attacks with an aerial chemical response. He and a few other dorm residents got enough surgical tubing to make a sling shot, a large sling shot. They decided to calibrate their system by measuring water balloons to an exact weight. Each balloon was a different color. They held the surgical tubing to the window at a fixed height. Stretching the tubing in increments per the floor tile squares recording the balloon color with the stretch distance. They made a test run during the dark of night. The next day they scouted where the tiny balloon fragments landed on the Frat lawn. Once they were confident they had all the metrics and data they needed, myPaul using his knowledge of chemicals mixed and filled a few water balloons to the exact weight needed. They launched this aerial chemical counterattack against the Frat Attackers biological ground assault. Remember the Frat attackers had inside them the full darkside charge of Dahmer and Catholic Church cultists and H.W.s Nazi Catcher in the Rye temple set Franklin cover up - All concentrated in the state of Iowa. In a line stretching from the NorthEast downwards to the SouthWest corner of Iowa.

What happened? Genius is what happened. Or you could call it high degree of accuracy.

You may say, "Teh, you missed Mr Bond"

MyPaul can say "oh, did I?" (bankers-Roth)

Yes the Frat attackers were bound. Bound and ending not only the darkness of the hazing attack on the dorms, but what was going to be an escalation of attack on me to break God's decision of his gift.

How did this happen. The Frat attackers went to law enforcement, the prince of this worlds authorities, ... and they confessed! They confessed everything. What they did and how they did it and they wanted to negotiate terms of surrender via law enforcement and the media/news papers. Law enforcement took out the placements in the paper and basically went through all of this surrender and of no more attacks. Law enforcement finished the paper with a veiled anger since they didn't know who was who on the dorm side. This veiled anger is the Prince of this world and his tantrum through the authorities. Evil wanted me dead, and you could read how pissed the evil speaking through them wanted the 2000 year old dog dead. FYI: law enforcement has no choice in this, they signed up for authority positions in this world run by the Prince of darkness, so some of that shows through the best of people at times (I'vs seen this many times - I just wonder if the veil/dam will break and their attack will begin).

And why did myPaul's throw down of Evils plan work? Evil's plan that the bankers-Roth are sooo interested in, that they even let me know directly they were interested... and as if I was defenseless against them. I may have been Darkside FORSEEN to be defenseless to them, and that may be why God choose myPaul to save my life and throw down the Frat attackers. So, myPauls aerial chemical response hit their targets and left three to five foot brown grass areas on the nearest Frat house. When the Frat boys saw their pretty pretty lawn and house looked like, they knew they were not going to get laid since the sororities made it known they were never going to these places. This must have frozen the entirety of the Frat houses and they must have squealed like stuck spoiled little pigs all the way to law enforcement- where the prince of this world does his thing. The Frat boys confessed everything, maybe even that the real reason they absolutely NEEDED full negotiated surrender was that they couldn't get laid. NOW THINK PEOPLE...stop laughing please... NOW THINK PEOPLE... the Frat boys surrendered by pleading to the powers of the Prince of this world, popo, because they couldn't get laid / their deviant ways filled. So via argument the authority seekers who use deviancy for power, their minions unconditionally surrendered their power so they could get laid - a human learned weakness - that evil couldn't easily counteract so as to keep the attack on God's gift by killing me.

So, keep going, in the realm of Angels and Guardian Angels one could imagine if God's will was to give this gift and the Angels of Heaven now have these new arguments - the unconditional surrender of the Frat attackers / bankers-Roth plan via deviancy, the Angels would now have a much more resilient argument in their duties to make sure in each of our lives this gift from God is preserved for the benefit of everyone. This is in the face of everyone who seeks authority via deviancy. The bitterness from this defeat, did not howl in madness like it does with the drugrunners, it was short and gone.

I was so weak from bleeding out that I wasn't detecting like I used to. I figured if I survive I will at some point be given clues as to what these attacks were about. I would not know who myPaul is for a few more years.

Did myPaul target the right Frat house? The house targeted was the was the elite engineering Frat houses. I suspect, from Abel Danger's patent scheme, the bankers-roth would have directed the darkside cult assault of me through the elite/honorary engineering Frat houses. So I suspect myPaul did target the right Frat house with heighten guidance by a higher power.

So, for those who saw the Skinwalker Ranch movie read this. The bankers-Roth minions, the Frat boys, dug out the lawn a few inches down to get rid of the chemically brown grass and replaced it with dirt and sod. I imagine there may be a Biblical reasons for evils response to defeat, but it seems that this battle ground of attack was thrown back at humans in the regurgitation of the twin towers and the sod pieces missing, along with the grouping of 4 cattle together. MyPaul is the fourth addition to the Scooby 4 group, which has a 1 to 1 heavy synchronicity with the musicians 4 group.

The high degree of accuracy myPaul has is amazing. The accuracy is in being a diplomat. He warned me / saved me from someone who was trying to get me to say foul things about gay people. This one was seeking authority. MyPaul warned me he was gay and he was the one to brought company documents to FBI. And so he became untouchable via his connections. He was trying to get me fired or to gain some control. I didn't know the darkside of the Church via Dahmer had already attacked me, but it is clear the deviant varieties are pawns for Evil to throw at me. Every job I have had the pawns make attempts to get me fired or worse. When myPaul explained this attack I knew evil was behind this coordination.

And, so one of the more recent stories myPaul is involved in is LOTR. MyPaul and I went to the 3rd LOTR movie. Midnight opening night. I followed myPaul in and I was diverted to a different theater than myPaul. This person in theater uniform was a tall thin 18 year old. He looked like a basketball player with curly dark hair. I gently protested I was following someone, but he said that theater was full, you go to this one. He abruptly turns around and walks off out of sight. I was stunned. I have mind wrangled fully possessed drugrunners and serials killers, but this kid was just definitive. I was afraid to try and follow myPaul, because I could sense he was under some sort of mission. A mission to direct me. To gate me away from myPaul. He arrived to speak this to me and then off he went, the people behind me didn't matter to him, but I did. Oh, yes, I have definitely seen this before, but not acted out inside a theater. I knew whatever I was walking into I was going to learn something. So I did walk into the theater room as I was directed. Had I tried to follow myPaul I felt he would have been guided back to catch me - there was no out, there was no solution. I had to accept this irrational condition... (Drugrunners did this same directing of me - a lot). Remembering the darkside experiences I've already had, I was really dreading to enter where this basketball player looking guy was sending me, so irrationally and so knowing this is another test God is going to put me through, and this time in a theater... dreading the entire forced behavior.

FYI, my Darkside theater experiences include a 1975 demonic possession outside the Viking theater (~13 blocks from Dahmers '88 attack) where a possessed man in military garb shouted "your going to die when you see the capital / when you see the columns inside this building(theater)". This possession is also the darkside assassination attempts by Manson followers and other dark minds on President G. Ford. Five years later this shifts to catcher assassination attempt(S) and the theater connection at that time. Another darkside event is in 2012, I wrote/posted in alt.conspiracy about the number 15 having some cult significance. 15 days +- 2 hours after the post the AuroraCo theater was shot up. I posted that connection back in 2012. (the Las Vegas shooter was darkside trigger released in a similar way - and then there was the Art Bell incident triggered via with my post in alt.conspiracy mixed in with a deviency darkside attack on Art's kid). And the 1988 theater actors who gummed up my attempts to find someone at Iowa State University who had clarity and real steal character who could stop my pursuers- the NFL H.W. Mena, temple set, east coast, catcher-rye, serials and assassins, etc. But at ISU about 6 well placed theater actors were arranged just so. The actors intervene, gated and dominated any conversations in the dorms AROUND ME. They most likely were dupes of the darkside. There to prevent me from finding real help (WITH STEAL AND AUTHORITY). I was gated... until I bled out and myPaul thew down the Frat attack banker-Roth watchers. So.. Yes!... the darkside used theater students to prevent me from searching and finding someone of quality to help - at least long enough to make the attack watched by bankers - - -

REMEMBER THIS WAS A LONG RUNNING SCHEME... the Reagan assassination in 80... elements from ISU snookered an Ouija into the board game closet at my home foreseeing me trying to figure out how the game worked... the Exorcist movie Regan and Reagan is not coincidence... this is the darkside banker-Roth push into my home at age 10 - my Snowball (with a fur line down between the eyes) defended me in 1979 against a demonic approachment. First 75 then 80, even my Mom picked up on this and she even cried about it - but so many of you people don't understand, won't try to understand or don't believe... so I HAVE TO GO IT ALONE. By myself through the tests of nudging, tinkering, biting... a haunted house experience for each person around me, of varring degrees. So, when I see a myPaul not only combat these forces of darkness and saving my life AND being the diplomat that he is, it becomes obvious that God sent him my way, just like the two who laughed like dogs... and that is when I realized Saul becoming Paul in the bible and added to the twelve is synchronicity to myPaul to being the fourth member of the Scooby group. And so I consider myPaul to be part of the Scooby group. Now a group of 4 which is in heavy synchronicity by appearance, name, LifeofBrian and irrepressible spirit to the musicians 4.

Why use theater actors? I imagine both light and darkside are using them. In my case it becomes more easy for me to see the gating process, light and darkside (these aren't the droids you're looking for/Watto). I imagine with the large number of gatings I get and me not caring that I see them allows the dark and light forces to be more free when influencing the next test - B.T.W. there is always a next test... and a bigger fish.

Back to the LOTR theater. I entered the theater and noticed a roped off section with elderly people in it. Most seats were taken, so I chose a seat at the far front left. So far so good, I thought. Strangely enough the book nerds behind me broght books with them, LOTR I suppose. Unfortunately they also wanted to speak aloud before the film and while doing so revealed the ending, before the start of the film. I turned around and staired at him, I don't think he took the hint. However, he WAS meant to spoil the movie because the clue isn't the movie... the clue must be somewhere in the theater. The movie proceeded and ended, I watched most of the credits and left when most other started to leave. I did walk by the roped off section of elderly people. I thought they could be the writers from the university.

Next workday myPaul asked what happened? I told myPaul the story and especially the basketball diversion. MyPaul responded by saying they were not writers, the family of Elijah is supposed to be at the midnight showing. Now my mind starts to spin, a Biblical name in a theater, I get diverted - and not JUST diverted... Diverted from myPaul who fought off the darkside attackers... saved my life and who I am currently hiding behind whenever I can because he is such an instinctive diplomat(especially for the real LifeOfBrian). I knew I was being diverted to where I didn't want to go, and diverted with mission intent away from myPaul, and to this theater where the family is. I was confident in thinking since these clues are coordinated through other peoples minds, without violence (although the movie was violent), that this is a Lightside clue to something in the future. This was 2003.

I held onto to this clue secretively till now, this posting. However myPaul communicated with me asking me if I knew what the Ilijah event was about. Without detail I replied - yes I know what it meant. About six months later in front of all who watch me, Ilijah publicly expresses belief in Corey Feldmens claims. And then even more cute :) Sam then follows believing and in support, as a good friend.

This is it! :) Gods plan.

I knew the MIBs saw this, you couldn't miss it. The cat was out of the bag now, but this time it was someone else (myPaul) revealing this to those in the know. I figured I better start my investigating Hollywood before the spooks get too much of a jump since I thought God wanted me to look at it originally. So I started to look at Hollywood and decided to first see if the Harley in Pulp Fiction was Dahmers bike. I knew people liked Darkside artifacts, like Manson's pig door. Knowing the spooks were following where I looked, I figured at least they may run accross whomever God wants looked at. Well, a few weeks later Weinstein is brought down and a Sinatra look alike is used to do this. Sinatra is the orginator of the words Scooby Doo. If I had to guess I would say a higher power or... Q was part of this and you can read his postings from back then for you to investigate.

My original thoughts was to delay my investigation of HollyWood till this judicial mess is cleared up in Washington DC. Because it completely sucks to catch persons and then have them walk unrehabilitated (see all things Clinton). I knew God wanted me in this, or at least clued into this. The only Angel of the Lord I have met in my life intervened on my rescue/abduction/"come with me if you want to live" plan into Hollywood, to get Jacks daughter out of there... I never went, I planned to, but what the Angel said stopped me. You see there was a girl in High School '87 who was after me, she is the look alike named Alison... and the drug runners made me understand they could hurt her(the possessed ones). Similar to the college girl I prayed for forgiveness for not marrying looking alike the Xfiles girl. This time the Darkside was going to take swipes at the High School girl look alike and most likely will escalate in evil and perhaps kill. What the Angel of Heaven said stopped my rescue plan, however the swipe at another look alike in Utah occured. I suspect the Darkside/evil (fresh from 9/11 smile anthrax) followed myPaul to Utah meeting his spouse who's Dad was a cop who did do searches for this one. The thing that charges evil is when someone thinks well of me, myPaul told me his spouse wished I would settle down and have kids so their kids and mine could be friends. Very nice things to say to me, but unfortunately the Darkside also sees this and now is going to try and put me down somehow to counter the nice uplift of spirit. And that put down was when the Angel of the Lord told me evil was inbound, I did stop my rescue plan and froze my thoughts for the sake of all those who I was protecting, but evil made sure I was assaulted and the girl in Utah was found and her story told - I only needed to know of the alike appearance and that name Brian David to know this was Evils response to me having any relationship.

Why I bring this up is that when I warned a musician via twitter that picking on the one who sings about Dahmer is not a good idea. I didn't know her middle name was the same as the High School girl. So did evil use this to lash out as calling cards in Vegas? Yes. That was the re choosing of country music (country over hiphop etc). Another calling card is seeing the movie American Made before I revealed the catcher solution(I was impatient). I was holding onto the catcher in the rye solution of Acts 3,4(Doo what Jesus did in his Holy name, "appearance and name"). I should have revealed this, it was my mistake.

Because I warned about the Dahmer Darkside the choice of using a pedo as the shooter was another calling card. The timing of the movie ending 11:57PM and my suspecting I might get attacked for failing to reveal catcher is a another card. I then googled American Made and saw the 9/11 date and knew 9/11 was somehow connected to the Vegas shooting. And I wrote these calling cards on youtube CNN live comments while the shooting was taking place - NASA should have that recorded.

And knowing that Vegas seemed to throw the largest tantrum to my first posting in 1999 revealing the CIA(most likely) brought out someone to me who was near death for a healing. This revealed they think I am the 2K brown eyed boy. Vegas appeared more hurt than New York. Now after seeing Abel Danger and their junket room stories, it appears I was a target of these junket rooms also. The junket rooms would most likely desire to receive the Demons reward of killing the 2k year old dog (Son of Sam) Similar to what Dahmer said he was doing and don't forget H.W. showed up 3.5 months later.

Nevada, Utah and Colorado... they are on the line from LA to my home. Except the Utah location is just off the line but evil was following myPaul. Why would Darkside follow Highway 52, a long and winding road? Well that's the way the cultists did their cult activity. Why the line from LA to my home as the crow flies? It may represent the LA transmission direction - as the crow flies.

Does the Darkside flow around? Yes, in particular the Dahmer one does. In the fall of '87 Tony called to Darin and motioned towards me. Darins head turned with the same woof motion that Dahmer did. Darin walked to me and put his arm around me and led me away from the conversation I was having with a former Catholic high school student. You see I was just about to ask him about the Archangel Gabriel lifting me and putting me kneeling before the cross. But Tony picked up on this across the hallway, he beckoned Darin, and after Darin turned his head in that Dahmer manner (evil calling card), I then looked passed Darin to see Tony see me and he looked down immediately and said dam or sh_t - he knew I caught both of them and this display of darkside trickery. Why do I suspect this darkside is of the Dahmer kind? Well, Darin works for the biker company and Tony flies bodies around now. My older sibling told me about Tony, and I thought I should warn them he might be darkside. And since I have been debating whether to warn them. A little while later I see Abel Danger's Field Mcconnell also states that his sister did a neck turn of unusual nature. I think these are calling cards. I don't know if Tony and Darin are darkside, however I do worry for them, as I worry for all who get manipulated entangled and pulled downward. I hope they call on Jesus to break any bonds to darkness.

What people don't know yet, I believe by Gods direction, the purple town is directly north of BonAir. BonAir is a very small town which is the geographic center of me and the two who laughed like dogs, Scooby group. BonAir is the point I used to make the triangle with the rejected dancer Audrey Hepburn via Andy Williams hometown of Wall Lake and the Beatles Fairfield Maharishi. Then making a Star of David and noticing where the star points onto the Mississippi. One of the places is Savannah. 83.5 miles from where I shouted down the CIA drug running in '89, 4 months before the Berlin wall fell.

83.5 miles is also the distance strait north from BonAir (Scooby group) where purple town is.

Being that musician Paul believed there was a purpose on being on JFK airport runway 63 on 9/11, I would say the Abel Danger work of 9/11, junket rooms and elite Fraternities are well worth investigating.

The other observation is the architect F.L.Wright birth place is 84.5 miles to the east of my birthplace. This architect synchronisticly illuminates King David and King Solomon temple building. It also resembles the movie "take back on kadem to honor God who's ark this is". (FYI: My older brother is a close look alike to hat guy. And my brother and I were Evils unobtainable targets in '80. Brother's friend named Gosh and my friend who looked like John Lennon -twisted but it happened).

Why? 10 years ago a fireman from Oklahoma thinks he has found the Arc of the Covenant using the copper scrolls... they seem confident they now they know where the Arc of the Covenant is.

83.5 miles and 84.5 miles. We are 6000 years out and we may be close to the return of Jesus. It seems to me this is why these clues are happening. Yes, there will be 7 years of difficulty, but the return may be near, no one knows the exact time of return.

This is enough writing for me now. I know this isn't an easy read, it is more or less a collection of clues. Hope this helps someone somewhere.

- Brian James Edward Reicks
2018-11-05 12:24:56 UTC
Also, why does this skip around so much? This isn't science arguments, its synchronicity and Bible references. Jumping around with faith is how I remember it and how it felt going through all of it.

Also, should have included I see signs of darkside undulation around the leaders H.W., B.C., O. It's not all around H.W.

- Brian James Edward Reicks