DOJ IG Report to Be Released Friday October 18 and Will Cover ‘More Than Just FISA Abuse’
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2019-10-14 13:03:21 UTC
Buh bye all you dirty scumbag corrupt democRATs
With any luck a bunch of leaks and obstructionist Shadow Government
workers will be referred to be fired and/or prosecutedand removed from
the government so they can't do any more damage to America.
That's Karma

Try to search where NANCY PELOSI got the money to pay for this
impeachment, they didn't vote for that money to be appropriated did
they? Have you heard of Republicans voting to Pay for an impeachment and
all those Millions upon Millions it will cost.... just a simple Special
Council cost us $40 Million Dollars.... How much will this Democrat
*DOG* and *PONY* *SHOW* cost us?

And pay particular attention to *WHERE THE MONEY WAS STOLEN FROM*

In Japan Kabuki is pretend, in American Liberalism they think it's real.
2019-10-14 18:11:30 UTC
The best thing to do to stop the damage being done to America is to get Trump out of office as quickly as possible!