Will Kamala Harris be 1st Muslim VP if elected?
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2020-09-24 14:52:10 UTC
A Muslim President.... We did that with Obama look how that turned out,
Obama did whatever hurt America and did NOTING to help America.

Obama to Marxist Laraza Latinos "Punish Our Enemies" (American citizens)

Which begs the question of what does Obama say to other Marxist and
Jihadist friends when he rewards them? What did Obama say when he gave
Iran $150 BILLION DOLLARS? Was Obama again... punishing his enemies
(American citizens) by rewarding America's enemies?

Why would America want make the same choice of a Muslim President and
expect a different outcome, isn't that the definition of stupidity...
That's Karma


Biden is guilty!!!!
2020-09-24 16:03:04 UTC
On Thu, 24 Sep 2020 10:52:10 -0400, BeamMeUpScotty
Isn't president any more, dumb shit.
And Harris isn't a Muslim.
You really hate the Constitution, doncha?
Or do you just enjoying looking like a retard?
The constitution says there is no Constitutional test of religion, which
isn't to say that have to vote for anyone in a religion that is
committed to killing me...;)

Obama wasn't a Muslim either... but he sure acted like one. Which
means his claims of NOT being Muslim were problematic, and look at the
JIHAD SQUAD with Ilhan Omar who is the Muslim that hates America. They
sound so much alike that what ever Kamala says she is, is irrelevant
since we see who her character says she is.

The Constitution doesn't say we can't use our brain to determine if
someone Hates America, and spewing rhetoric that aligns with those who
do hate America like Obama did and now Kamala does and Ilha Ohmar does
is pretty good evidence that they're more like *Benedict Arnold* than
George Washington...
That's Karma

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Obama's TWO FACED stand on Muslim's and Gun Owners.