A Homeless Shelter That Doesn't Have Privacy Is Worse Than A Tent!
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Intelligent Party
2020-11-02 01:49:51 UTC
A vehicle with a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bed, is the minimum sufficient housing
solution, acceptable in America. The City Councils should be condemned and
compelled to recognize the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that everyone has a
right to live in a vehicle. We demand dumpsters and Porta Potties be provided for
all tent dwellers near any encampents over a significant number. Any failure to
obey this ruling, is condemned as criminal negligence, and the cities shall be
dealt with accordingly!

A shelter is a row of beds with no privacy, and should be for no more than 3
nights ideally.

A tent is a miserable housing solution, yet does not have the costs of vehicle
registration, vehicle insurance, gasoline, and repairs.

A vehicle without a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bed, is a miserable housing
solution, and many people with such vehicles, pitch tents near them.

City residents complain about tent dwellers and vehicle dwellers both, for one
simple reason: every person in this country produces 1/2 a bag of trash per day,
and with no dumpsters provided, there is no place to dispose of it. Vehicle
dwellers produce 1/2 a bag of trash per day, and tent dwellers produce 1/2 a bag
of a trash per day. Just like homeowners. With no dumpsters, trash piles
accumulate 30 yards from tent encampments.
The Los Angeles City dump costs over $100 to visit.

The homeless couldn't rent a dumpster nor a Porta Potty by themselves if they
tried. Porta Potty companies are many, and are responsible for cleaning and
maintaining Porta Potties, and liable, if they do not do so.

A Class-B RV can be financed on a 10-year loan at 1% of the balance of the loan
per month. So $30,000-$80,000 costs $300-$800 per month. Plus gasoline, plus
registration, plus repairs, plus insurance. Though many people have cars anyways.
A livable vehicle, is the minimum acceptable housing solution, and I presently
don't know of any other answers that anyone has come up with. Manufactured
housing perhaps could be produced cheaper than $80 per square foot, but this is 1
story, and the land, in the cities, where poor people definitely 100% need to
dwell to have resources, and any hope to attain a job, or education, and improve
their fortunes, is as we all know, expensive.

As you can see, these are normal people on the streets, not drug addicts.

"LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and county officials to get a lot of people off the
streets and into housing"

I don't see how this is possible. Perhaps real good tent housing could be an
answer. Perhaps a Federal Government Fannie-Mae like program could offer 0%
vehicle loans on Class-B RV's stated to be used a primary residence, and demand
the Cities both recognize the Court of Appeals rulings which recognize American's
right to live in vehicles, and provide dumpsters prolifically.


There are 550,000 homeless in America:

The following article includes the details of some of the crimes against humanity
cities are committing against the homeless. You DO have a right to sleep in
public, and we demand the evil cops responsible for these criminal activities be
brought to justice! Stealing a poor man's horse is capital, not grand larceny.
The police should watch out, and governments should not be allowed to solve their
problems, with violence, fines, and murder. Not to solve homelessness. Not to
solve COVID. The Government is hired to help us. Not to fuck us up!



This already referenced video just popped up on my screen, and I blew my lid. With
no science known, the government shut down the economy. And now we know it was
for nothing. Rather than helping people, _and focusing solely on employee and
consumer protections_, the government takes it upon itself to hold your dick for
you; OR call it a crime against humanity, if YOU pull your dick out, and take a
piss in the ocean, in front of people. One of the two, one of the two, you
decide, but the government's invalid in either case, and that's what it's doing.
That's what it's doing! And employment and housing are capital matters.

Police are condemned to die until they repent!

We have every right to threaten the government. The police are criminals 100%
fully deserving of being brought to justice, and everything I SAY, I say as a
legal statement. I shouldn't have to say the above is not a threat, and any
argument of the sort is an argument of both semantics, and thought crime.

Judges, District Attorneys, and Prison Wardens are all in the same boat. They are
HIRED KILLERS lead by CRAZY PEOPLE! Because we the people, never hired
intelligent analysts to serve us and lead us, to the truth, to truth and intelligence!
Could only a prophet do it? But how could a prophet prevail? One man against the
world? Martin Luther King like? But on the other hand we never hired anyone

Everything I do, I do as a legal action, and there's no reason I wouldn't say so,
NONE! Because this government, is a murderer of the highest order. I council
everybody to never be taken alive and to fully resist arrest 100%; I make the same
advocation to all my countrymen, and all my soldiers too. All law enforcement
fully knowing this is my intended plan are committing premeditated murder, with
deliberative aforethought, if they ever try to arrest anyone.

That they can condemn me, because I made an error, is not what is. Yet I condemn
them. Who's playing God? The United States, or me? Where is God? In the United
States, or in me? I believe in myself, and counsel everyone else to believe in
themselves! Don't accept condemnation, nor fear of any kind. Believe you me, the
Saints shall judge the world!

We are authority when someone insults us. We are authority when someone assaults
us. We are authority, when any police attempt to arrest us. We are
confrontational to those who choose us in error.

People do not have a right to insult and assault and murder others, because they
made a mistake. We can overlook errors, or say something about them, but we do
not have a right to offend others, as in retaliation.

"This may be considered as the true palladium of liberty....
The right of self defense is the first law of nature"
- St. George Tucker

May I suggest it is also the last.
Intelligent Party
2020-11-02 01:57:18 UTC
As soon as the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that people have a right to live
in a vehicle, cities rushed to ban large vehicles like RV's, and, by extension,
buses. There are several objections to RVs; the first applies to all people
living in any size vehicles. The first two have some legitimacy, the third has
none, the last two seem legitimate. Our right to park a bus or an RV in a
residential neighborhood should be recognized with certain obstructions:

1. Sanitation. People living in vehicles produce 1/2 a bag of trash every day,
just like other homeowners. So do people living in tents. Thus basic sanitation
- Dumpsters, as well as Porta Potties for the tent dwellers, is a demand for the
vehicle living, and the homeless.
1.b. Crime. This is an unfair stereotype. Your neighbors move in and out, what
if they were thieves.

2. Blocking somebody's view. While with a normal sedan you can see over the hood
and the trunk, a bus is just a wall of car. People have to be able to put a
notice on their curb, and prohibit others from parking in front of their home, or
the home directly across from them and blocking their view. Then I was like, what
if you look down the street, and it blocks your view, is that just too bad? Entire
streets or neighborhoods should NOT be able to block RV's for this reason, but
only individuals who's views are blocked.

3. People who hate RV's. Even if the RV is nice and brand new, and nobody is
living in it, just sitting in somebody's driveway, people persecute those who are
*different* than they are. Blacks, Jews; they drive an RV, I don't. This is
entirely illegitimate.

4. Danger - Street too narrow, or bus too close to corner - this is legitimate.

5. Preferential parking for the residents. When there is not enough parking for
the residents, RV's like other cars can be subject to the same restrictions as
other vehicles. If there happens to be space available they apparently are like
the other vehicles. Like area "A" permit, with 2 hour limit, otherwise there will
be no parking for the residents.

Our right to park a bus or RV in a residential neighborhood should be recognized
with certain obstructions.

Your right to park, and live in a bus, nationwide, should be recognized, subject
to legitimate restrictions. Cities should not be allowed to betray the public
trust. Cities should be brought to justice.