Did John McCain hang out with people that were trying to undermine the Presidency and the Constitution of the United States?>>>Meghan McCain Says She Dones Not Expect "Decency" From Trump Family.... Who Does?
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2019-03-26 02:44:20 UTC
    Why SHOULD she expect Trump to say nice things
    about her father ? He was a political back-stabber
    of the worst kind.
It was John McCain who was spreading the lies paid for in the
HILLARY/RUSSIAN dossier wasn't it?
Where was John McCain's decency?
He turned it over to the FBI. Like one should.
Gossip and wild accusations, and then the FBI managed to prove it was
all true *before they acted* on the Gossip that McCain was dealing in?

Why did John McCain hang out with people that were trying to undermine
the Presidency and the Constitution of the United States? He wouldn't
get that from normal Americans he had to be dealing with shady people so
why didn't the FBI investigate the people using a FAKE DOSSIER to
manipulate a Senator to undermine the Presidency.....?

Now we need to KNOW that since *all charges were found* by Mueller to be
*phony and fake and TRUMP isn't being indicted* , how was that horrible
little man John McCain involved in creating this ruse that used up so
much of America's time and the energy of our GOVERNMENT that didn't get
to help AMericans because of this FAKE REPORTING OF CRIMES, there's a
movie star who is now charged with FAKING his being beaten by MAGA
supporters and he's been charged with Multiple FELONIES, McCain died
before he could be charged but Hillary and that British spy are still
alive to ask why they wasted $70 million dollars of public money with
their scam.

Was McCain a main player *working with Hillary* to undermine the
Presidency of a duly elected President or was he just a dupe that was so
stupid that a foul, nasty Clinton used him like a Kleenex and then
tossed him.... Just how long did he have brain cancer and why was he
still in office where he had security and classified clearance with
brain cancer since we know it can negatively effect common sense and
make people act irrationally...?

Or was he always an asshole so no one could tell when he went crazy with
brain cancer?
That's Karma

2019-10-13 18:42:42 UTC
*listened*, you shit-4-braincell cocksucking idiot. What the fucking
goddamned hell is wrong with you ?
Kill a rightist in celebration. A new American tradition begins.
Democrats really are psychotic.
That's Karma

Try to search where NANCY PELOSI got the money to pay for this
impeachment, they didn't vote for that money to be appropriated did
they? Have you heard of Republicans voting to Pay for an impeachment and
all those Millions upon Millions it will cost.... just a simple Special
Council cost us $40 Million Dollars.... How much will this Democrat
*DOG* and *PONY* *SHOW* cost us?

And pay particular attention to *WHERE THE MONEY WAS STOLEN FROM*

In Japan Kabuki is pretend, in American Liberalism they think it's real.