Parents Upset Over TV Scene Of Sniper Shooting Near School
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2018-04-12 14:32:33 UTC
CHICAGO (CBS) - Some parents on the North Side want the city to shut
down a television production that includes a scene depicting a
sniper shooting near a school.
Shootings happen on average, more than one per day in Chicago. Leaving
any shootings out of a TV show would be skewing reality wouldn't it.

And if you have to have an equal ratio of Black/White actors to reflect
reality then why NOT the correct numbers of shootings by the correct
number of Black/White shooters?

I guess that would be too much reality for the Liberal Hollywood types.
That's Karma

146 - Regardless of education all Liberals are equally stupid, it's the
nature of Liberalism, for all of them to strive to be equally stupid.
2018-04-13 06:06:31 UTC
Someone needs to tell the people making these objections that Television shows are fiction.

"Do you know Star Trek Discovery is filming in my town? It is terrible, someone could get Phasered by the Klingons!"
2019-10-11 14:41:08 UTC
CHICAGO (CBS) - Some parents on the North Side want the city to shut
down a television production that includes a scene depicting a
sniper shooting near a school.
How are things in Moscow, Comrade? Is Putin still like all Russian men, on
his knees sucking penis?
The Americans have been shooting Russian soldiers in Syria. It's good!
If saying or hearing hate speech is so DANGEROUS for our kids to hear
and speak, because it will cause them to become violent racists.... then
seeing that violence and hate visually will have the same propensity to
create violence.

Violent Video games are busy calling murder and RAPE and racial/sex hate
what ever *POLITICALLY CORRECT* name they want but they still show the
sex and violence and race visually.

There needs to be a rating law not just for buying but for possession
like alcohol where kids found with an unlocked adult rated Video game or
movie will be arrested like kids consuming alcohol are arrested by police.

DVD's could require an adult ID before they will play a movie or game.
that way kids can't view them unless they steal an ID or an adult
illegally allows them to watch or play a video game. It could be
anything that will play a digital game or movie has a lock that won't
play a game or video with an adult rating encrypted into the code until
an adult ID is provided... be it a fingerprint or a drivers license

Then Democrats get what they want, no more hate being spread to kid via
speech but also visually. The age for such material should be in
alignment with Democrats own idea of when Children are old enough to
make decisions for themselves about their health care which is Defined
in ObamaCare mandates as "26 years old" when they're NO longer able or
parents mandated to maintain their *CHILDREN* on their health insurance
and the law deems the kids old enough to make all their own decisions
and care for themselves.

That's Karma

Try to search where NANCY PELOSI got the money to pay for this
impeachment, they didn't vote for that money to be appropriated did
they? Have you heard of Republicans voting to Pay for an impeachment and
all those Millions upon Millions it will cost.... just a simple Special
Council cost us $40 Million Dollars.... How much will this Democrat
*DOG* and *PONY* *SHOW* cost us?

And pay particular attention to *WHERE THE MONEY WAS STOLEN FROM*

In Japan Kabuki is pretend, in American Liberalism they think it's real.