Trump F.cks Up Immigration
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2018-06-26 17:22:01 UTC
People who crossed the border with their children, and claimed
refugee > status, weren't prosecuted with the misdemeanor of illegally
crossing > the border until Trump's zero-tolerance policy.  And as of
last night, > it appears that they're not now, either.
The Congress makes laws and a misdemeanor comes from violating a
law.... and the President can't change the law.  But you are FREE TO
POST THE SECTION IN THE CONSTITUTION that allows a President to change
the law, and prove me wrong.... ;)
It's not about changing the law, it's about prosecutorial discretion. 
How many times have you been prosecuted for jay-walking?
They are still violating the law even if they aren't being arrested
for it.
They drag their kids on a crime spree and endanger them making it a
FELONY NOT a misdemeanor.  They should all be arrested for child abuse
and endangerment.  And shipped out the next day to their place of origin.
Or, they're refugees fleeing violence and chaos, and leaving their
children being would be child abuse and endangerment.
If they are fleeing violence and danger then they come in the front door
and the government takes that as REFUGEE status NOT as illegal immigrant
status. We deport illegals and we accept REFUGEES with a valid threat to
their life.

But in reality we don't need them here if all they are doing is looking
for economic gain or hiding from a Socialist government they elected.

Illegals are NOT REFUGEES.... And the illegals are generally poor and
the poor voted for Socialism in most of central and south America. Why
would we want then to come here and be poor and spread the same misery
they created in the place they abandoned? Running away from your
problems doesn't gain humanity anything.

Besides when they get here their carbon foot print grows exponentially
so it's much better if they just stay home and fix their problems rather
than coming here and compounding the problems for the human race. ;)
That's Karma
2018-06-26 18:40:33 UTC
“If they would rather die, then they should do so and decrease the surplus population.” -Ebaneezer Scrooge “A Christmas Carol”

Scrooge would shake your hand and call you friend!
2018-06-27 04:51:52 UTC
Well, no.

The U.S. has had Immigration restrictions at several times through her history. Some were justified, some were not, but there is a precedent.

Also, I believe in legal immigration, but Ellis Island existed for a reason. People who wanted to immigrate to the U.S. were tested for diseases of the day like Tuberculosis, Typhus and Cholera, and their backgrounds were checked as best as could be done at the time. If they made it, they were processed though.

Yet, there did have to be some filter. I understand that. That isn't "evil," that is a nation being a nation. Nobody is saying no one should get into the U.S., just that the nation should get to review who does and get some say in the matter.