Don't Say 'Thank You For Your Service' This Monday
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2018-05-29 19:59:41 UTC
    Bullshit. I marched with returning Vietnam
veterans and none of them were abused - in fact
they were WELCOMED by fellow antiwar activists.
Where and when, Mitchell? Were you on active duty at the time?
Were you ever in uniform? If so, when and where?
Sometime back Mitchell told me that he considers his actions as an
anti-war activist to be service to the nation.
The Marxist Nation of Obamastan?

The time to be an anti war activist is between wars. When you're at war
then the the NATION is already pro war. You fight to win, or don't
bother fighting in the first place. Violence of war is already the
final act of resistance.

A radical war protester who protests an ongoing war is a traitor to the
nation.... they should want to end the war by winning and then protest
any new wars before they start.
That's Karma

A homeless person can never be lost.

This is a glass half full.
2018-05-29 22:06:48 UTC
As the Vietnam War was never formally declared, protesting it was not treason.

As it involves burning down the villages and killing the civilians we were supposed to be protecting from Communism, protesting it was a nobel thing.