K Wills to take another vacation
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2018-11-09 05:23:04 UTC
KWills Shill #3
2018-11-09 10:27:49 UTC
Post by joeturn
You're gay. We got it.
You have strong lustful desires for me. We got it.
I'm not going to join you for a gay vacation no matter how much
you wish I would. You need to come to terms with this. I know you HATE
reality, as proved by your own posts, but the reality that you'll
never realize your desires for me will not change.
Even if I were also gay, I would hope I would have better taste
than to find someone of your very low intellect a catch. But, alas,
we'll never know.
Joe "Slowjoe" Turn (aka Forever El Salvi) openly admits to using child
sex slaves in
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Joe "Slowjoe" Turn (aka Forever El Salvi) says he wants me to move to
Pariahville, Florida and be his neighbor in
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Justin Tyme.
2018-11-09 17:26:11 UTC
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We are not surprised.
KWills Shill #3
2018-11-10 11:30:38 UTC
On Fri, 9 Nov 2018 11:26:11 -0600, "Justin Tyme."
Post by joeturn
We are not surprised.
You should see about hooking up with Slowjoe. Maybe he'll move on
from his sexual OBSESSION with me. And, maybe, you'll overcome how
your ex-boyfriend dumped you.
Give it a shot. You won't be out much for trying.
Check out what Justin thinks of Ernie's method:
Post by joeturn
does that make you: Faker, faker...belly-acher!
Your superior. But you already knew that.
True dat. Justin

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"fernie is the real life Herbert.

Justin Tyme in Message-ID: <o84oof$ul2$***@dont-email.me>

"No one is weaker than someone who would fall for Ernie's BS."
Justin's comment about Ernie's "cure."
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Justin screws up and PROVES he and Cha Chi are the same person in
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He tied to cover it up here:

Justin freely and openly admits he is a felon in Message-ID: