Have a great Columbus Day
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2019-10-14 13:15:37 UTC
Today marks one of the greatest accomplishments in American history
A Latino Holiday..... and they said Americans were racist? Mexican
ancestors came from Spain.... I never heard an ill word against
Columbus until Democrats and their hate for Heterosexual males.

If Columbus had been White Democrats would have won the HATE TRIFECTA.
But this time it was only two out of three. So they haven't removed
the Columbus statues.

How Democrats can stand on American soil and hate the people who gave
them that opportunity is astounding. Rather than building on what can't
be changed they choose to tear it down.... Democrats are the PARTY OF
DESTRUCTION not the party of progress. And they prove that over and
over and over when they burn cities and tear down statues and undermine
the Constitution.

*It's just who the Democrats really are*
That's Karma

Try to search where NANCY PELOSI got the money to pay for this
impeachment, they didn't vote for that money to be appropriated did
they? Have you heard of Republicans voting to Pay for an impeachment and
all those Millions upon Millions it will cost.... just a simple Special
Council cost us $40 Million Dollars.... How much will this Democrat
*DOG* and *PONY* *SHOW* cost us?

And pay particular attention to *WHERE THE MONEY WAS STOLEN FROM*

In Japan Kabuki is pretend, in American Liberalism they think it's real.
2019-10-14 18:05:03 UTC
Columbus had nothing to do with the founding or colonizing of N. America. He landed on islands off of CENTRAL America, where one of his first acts was to gather natives for slaves!

But then, Republicans are always willing to make excuses for slave traders and leaders who turned against their country, that's just who they are!