Head of Mysterious Russian Spy Agency Dies Mysteriously
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Tom Keske
2018-11-26 00:09:35 UTC

Moscow- Russia's military intelligence chief, Igor Korobov, who
oversaw a series of notorious operations abroad, has died after
a long illness, but with plausible deniability.

Moscow praised Korobov on Thursday, Nov 22, as a "great man" and
a patriot. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is suspected in
some quarters has having ordered Korobov's plausibly deniable
cancer, had reportedly been furious with Korobov over his klutzy
and too-obvious bungling the assassination attempt against
former GRU colonel Sergei Skripal in the UK, using a nerve agent.

Putin complained that Skripal was a "traitor" and a "scumbag",
but was frustrated that the assassination attempt had not been
sufficiently, plausibly deniable.

Putin, as a former spy himself, had wanted a sophisticated and
nuanced assassination, just obvious enough to intimidate other
potential critics and opponents, while also being just plausibly
deniable enough to leave his own patina of legitimacy intact as a
head of state. Igor blew the whole thing, in embarrassing fashion.

Igor Korobov, 62, had headed the defence ministry's Main
Intelligence Directorate (GRU) since 2016 and was the target of
US sanctions for interfering with the election in support of
Donald Trump. Some conspiracy theorists believe that Trump had
Korobov killed because Korobov knew too much about the election
sabotage, but others believe that the CIA covertly assassinated
Korobov out of resentment for being stuck with Trump, and to send
a plausibly deniable message to Putin.

Igor Korobov's predecessor, Igor Sergun, died suddenly on
January 3, 2016. Officially, he passed away at his home outside
Moscow after suffering a plausibly deniable heart attack.

Igor Korobov's likely successor, state news agency TASS said,
citing a military source, is yet another "Igor", the 57-year-old
first deputy, Vice Admiral Igor Kostyukov, apparently setting
the stage for a mysterious sequel.

It is also noteworthy that "Igor" (or "eye-gor"), was the name of
hunchbacked lab assistant in "Young Frankenstein".

Still other conspiracy theorists confuse the issue even more by
suggesting that the elimination of Korobov was orchestrated by
the Global Alliance of Young Surrealists ("GAYS"), whose very
existence is only reputed, and hotly disputed, but has never yet
been definitively refuted. Concerning this matter, GAYS issued
the following, prepared statement:


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Igor Sergun: The Mysterious Death of a Mysterious Man - Open
source ...

https://www.opensourceinvestigations.com > Conspiracy

A statement posted on the Kremlin website on 4 January 2016 said
that General Igor Sergun had suffered a "sudden death," but gave
no details as to the cause, timing, or circumstances. Russia's
state-run news agency, TASS, said Sergun died on January 3.
Couple of days later, on 6 January 2016, quoting " sources in
medical circles familiar with the situation", Russian media said
that Igor Sergun died of fatigue: "One of the reasons for his
death was fatigue: over-processing, not getting enough sleep
were all accompanying signs and symptoms".

Expressing condolences, President Vladimir Putin called Igor
Sergun "an experienced and competent commander, a man of great
courage, a true patriot, respected for professionalism, strength
of character, honesty and integrity".

General Sergun's death followed that of another high-ranking
Russian military official, Major General Alexander Shushukin,
Deputy Chief of Staff of the Russian Airborne Troops, at the end
of December 2015.
Igor Korobov: Death of Russian GRU chief latest in long line of fatal ...

https://www.independent.co.uk > News > World > Europe

But as the second death of a GRU chief in two years, the news
was ... Korobov's predecessor, Igor Sergun, died in 2016 in
circumstances still ...
Igor Korobov, head of Russia's GRU spy agency, dies at 62 ...


Igor Korobov, head of the Russian military intelligence agency
GRU, which has been accused of meddling in U.S. elections, has
died in ...
Monster Hash - Harrier.Net


It was a graveyard smash... Igor unchained was running with the
hounds. The local cops ... Boris: Down Igor, you impetuous young
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2018-11-26 00:28:24 UTC
Post by Tom Keske
How mysterious! :-)

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